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  • New firing system cuts key emissions at CEMEX cement works in Barrington
    June 27, 2006
    obal building solutions company CEMEX has installed a new kiln firing system at the company's cement works in Barrington, Cambridgeshire. The new firing system has helped achieve a reduction of over 30 per cent in oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Further good news is that the new system requires significantly less fuel.
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  • Positive results from CEMEX tyre trial at Rugby works
    June 15, 2006
    obal building solutions company, CEMEX, has published detailed test results from a trial using chipped tyres as part-replacement for coal to fuel the cement kiln at Rugby Works in Warwickshire. Data show a marked reduction in certain emissions from the chimney during the trial. Most notably, oxides of nitrogen which affect air quality, decreased by 30%.
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  • CEMEX scoops top award for restoration at the Attenborough nature reserve
    June 13, 2006
    obal solutions company, CEMEX, was today presented with the coveted Cooper Heyman Cup at the Quarry Products Association (QPA) Showcase 2006 for its restoration work at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire. The site is owned by CEMEX and run in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Broxtowe Borough Council.
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  • CEMEX announces plans to trial an additional alternative fuel at Rugby works
    June 1, 2006
    obal building solutions company, CEMEX, today announced its plan to apply to the cement industry regulator the Environment Agency (EA) for permission to trial a further alternative fuel, Climafuel, as part replacement for coal and petcoke to fuel its cement kiln at Rugby works in Warwickshire.
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  • Peregrine falcons return to Wick
    June 7, 2005
    rched high above Wick quarry floor in Gloucestershire on the steep rock face, a pair of rare peregrine falcons has made a home and laid three eggs. Only one of the three eggs has hatched despite Mum's (named Penny by the quarry workers) best efforts.
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  • Bags of opportunity
    June 1, 2005
    designed factory-made bagged masonry mortar to meet the new European standard 998-2 is the latest innovation from Rugby. Rugby Premium Mortar, characterised as a BS EN 998-2 M4 mortar, has been developed over the last six months and is the first dry silo mortar to be packaged in easy-to-handle bags.
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