Tony Lowes Eco-driver winner…
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Tony Lowes Eco-driver winner…

07 June 2017

Congratulations go to Divethill driver Tony Lowes who is the winner of the Area 2 2017 Eco-driver for Q1 2017. Tony managed to fend off strong competition from a number of his fellow drivers in the patch and is shown receiving his prize of a DAF jacket.  Ian Phoenix, Area Logistics Manager, commented: "A lot of effort has been put into the vehicle telematics driving style by everyone and it was difficult to finalise a winner due to some excellent results which were very close.  Some of the benefits of Eco-driving include reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, lower driver fatigue and risk of road traffic collisions and less engine wear and downtime for the vehicles. A big well done to all the drivers and lead drivers who have contributed to the excellent results.”

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